DATA PLAYBOOK California Health and Human Services Agency

Success Stories

CHHS Data-Driven Success Stories demonstrate how we leverage data and technology to improve services to Californians and become more client centric. The stories aim to create awareness of innovative ideas and improve interdepartmental coordination by providing a platform to collaborate, share ideas, and expand CHHS’s data culture.

Linking Records to Improve Cross-Program Experiences

Former CHHS Secretary Mike Wilkening and USC researcher Emily Putnam-Hornstein discuss the Record Reconciliation Project at the 2018 Data Expo. The goal of this project is to link and organize administrative, client-level records to improve statistical analysis of CHHS clients. This CHHS-USC collaboration is helping to break down program siloes and create a more holistic view of clients and their cross-program experiences.

Using Data Dashboards in Emergency Response

Marko Mijic, Acting CHHS Deputy Secretary, explains how bringing data together, streamlining data management processes, and mapping data with a dashboard helped to support timely decision-making and response to California wildfires.