DATA PLAYBOOK California Health and Human Services Agency

1. Define

Play 01. Define: goals & objectives

This play is focused on helping Departments facilitate a high-level conversation on some of the most pressing issues facing the Department and what data solutions might be available to address the issue or problem.

The objective is to get staff to think about how and what we can do to improve the programs we administer. We want to help change the way we think about the programs we work on–not only about how we administer the programs day-to-day, but how do we make them better, more efficient and more effective.

How do you build a use case?

Continue to refine the value proposition and expand it after assessing data assets.

  1. What problem are we trying to solve?
  2. What outcomes do we want to achieve?
  3. How will data work to meet our mission?
  4. What kinds of data do we need access to?
  5. Who are the main stakeholders and how do we engage them?
  6. How are we going to track, assess and monitor progress?
  7. Can we pilot a few projects and start small? What can we learn from starting small and building out?
  8. Do we have the right workforce in place?
  9. Have we received buy-in from leadership and across teams?
  10. Are we delivering on the needs of our customers? How do we know?

Use best practice resources to build a use case around a particular opportunity, issue or problem.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

This Play helps Departments develop a use case; define the customer/stakeholder who would benefit from implementing the use case; and assess the impact after the implementation.

As a [user role] I want to do [scope] in order to achieve [measurable objective] to serve [stakeholder group].

This Play can also help Departments navigate the Stage 1 Business Analysis.

Stage 1 Business Analysis

Consider creating a Logic Model to demonstrate how a program achieves an intended outcome or impact and where data-driven interventions can further program goals.

There are dozens of ways each Department can use data, and the applications can seem endless. It will be important to pick one core mission problem, and then gradually build and grow programs based on lessons learned.

Action Item

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